Founded with the mission to eliminate the guesswork from drug development, zPREDICTA™ (formerly Ixchel Scientific) has created technology to reconstruct physiologically relevant organ-specific human microenvironment. Our platform was developed on the principle that cures for human diseases require human-specific discovery and testing environment.


‘z’ in zPREDICTA™ represents the 3-dimensional microenvironment of human organs and the blocks making-up our logo represent the different components of microenvironment of human organs, all of which are incorporated into our platform.

Our Team

Julia Kirshner, PhD

Founder & CEO

Mukti Parikh, PhD

Founder & CTO

Ivan Plavec, PhD

Commercial and Business Development

Niyati Jhaveri, PhD

Associate Scientist

Martin Hack

Strategy Advisor

Karen Reckamp, MD

Clinical Advisor

Amrita Krishnan, MD

Clinical Advisor

Wael Harb, MD

Clinical Advisor

Mina Bissell, PhD

Scientific Advisor

John (Jack) Shively, PhD

Scientific Advisor

Robert Tressler, PhD

Scientific Advisor



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Our Office

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