Our Reconstructed Organ technology is a set of organ-specific 3D culture platforms formulated based on the composition of the native microenvironment of human tissues. Each organ platform is available in 2 formats: a 3D Bioassay (a comprehensive system with extracellular matrix, medium additives, and buffers) and a Basic 3D Matrix Pack (extracellular matrix only).

Tissue structure of r-Bone is indistinguishable from bone marrow architecture in vivo

Reconstructed Bone Marrow (r-Bone™) system recapitulates the comprehensive 3D microenvironment of the human bone marrow supporting proliferation of the hematopoietic and stromal compartments while retaining the composition and 3D architecture of in vivo tissue. r-Bone maintains long-term viability of primary bone marrow cells and, as such, provides a unique platform to predict efficacy of new therapeutics.

in vivo bone marrow

Cryo-electron microscopy of bone marrow organ reconstructed in r-Bone model compared to in vivo bone marrow.

r-Bone promotes proliferation and long-term viability of primary Multiple Myeloma and AML

Blood cancers such as multiple myeloma (MM) and acute myelogenous leukemia (AML) originate and grow within the bone marrow. The r-Bone-MM and r-Bone-AML systems recapitulate the physiological and pathological conditions of the bone marrow from patients with multiple myeloma and AML respectively. The comprehensive 3D microenvironment of r-Bone provides a robust system to predict efficacy of novel therapeutics and combination treatments.

r-Bone maintains robust proliferation and long-term viability of primary AML cells compared to conventional 2D cultures.

Reconstructed organ Workflow

r-Bone 3D Bioassay Kit Contents

  • r-Endosteum Matrix
    extracellular matrix (ECM) formulated to recapitulate the composition of the human endosteum (connective tissue between bone and bone marrow).

  • r-Bone Matrix
    extracellular matrix (ECM) proteins formulated to recapitulate the ECM composition of the human bone marrow.

  • r-Bone Supplement
    growth medium supplement representing the growth factor / hormone / cytokine microenvironment of the bone marrow

  • r-Bone Cocktail
    growth medium additives formulated to supply extracellular factors to reconstruct bone marrow microenvironment

  • Cell Isolation Solution
    a buffer used to isolate viable cells from the r-Bone

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Multiple Myeloma (MM)


r-Bone 3D Bioassay

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Acute Myelogenous Leukemia (AML)

r-Bone 3D Bioassay


Reconstructed Bone Marrow

r-Bone Basic 3D Matrix Pack*

*ECM only, growth medium supplements to be provided by the user.




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