zPREDICTA develops tumor-specific in vitro models for oncology drug discovery and research. Our mission is to accelerate the drug development process for our clients and partners by leveraging our team’s expertise in carcinogenesis, metastasis and the tumor microenvironment. Our complex in vitro models recapitulate the physiological environment of human tissue and thus provide a more clinically relevant testing platform than commonly-used alternatives.

From target discovery and lead optimization to preclinical evaluation of efficacy and toxicity, zPREDICTA’s goal is to develop the tools necessary to accurately identify compounds that will have the highest probability of improving human health. We offer preclinical testing services based on our proprietary models directly to clients in the biopharmaceutical industry and through our partnership with LabCorp. Our tumor-specific models are used by many leading biopharmaceutical companies to evaluate the efficacy and toxicity of their therapeutic pipelines.

Our 3D cell culture technology has been validated both in vitro and in vivo and tested on multiple cancer cell lines and primary tissues representing different types of solid tumors and hematologic malignancies. Our models have been shown to mimic the in vivo behavior of tumors and exhibit a high correlation with clinical response.

zPREDICTA is a privately-held company, backed by Y Combinator and angel investors. We are based in San Jose, California.

The ‘z’ in zPREDICTA represents the 3-dimensional microenvironment of human organs critical for successful drug development. The multiple blocks making up our logo represent the different components making up human tissues, all of which are incorporated into our platform.


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