3D Cell Culture Technologies In Drug Development

January 31, 2019
Julia Kirshner, Ph.D. 

In this webinar we discuss zPREDICTA’s 3D disease models and their use in drug development emphasizing the capacity of our patient-derived platform to mimic the native architecture of human tissues in an organ- and disease-specific manner and its high correlation with clinical response.

Novel 3D Culture Technologies Utilizing Patient-Derived Tissue

July 12, 2016
Julia Kirshner, Ph.D. 

Human cells have been grown in culture since the 1950s. However, conventional cell culture models lack tissue microenvironment, and thus, have limited physiological relevance. Emerging 3D culture systems are starting to incorporate various components of tissue microenvironment to better replicate the biology of human tissues. In this webinar we summarize the current state of 3D culture technologies and highlight relevant applications of each platform.


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