What do we do?

Driven by cutting edge science, zPREDICTA offers services for screening anti-cancer therapeutic agents.

Our unique multi-component organ-specific extracellular matrix (ECM) enables accurate reconstruction of human tissue architecture driving accurate prediction of clinical outcomes.

How to work with us?

Our organ-specific 3D culture models

Cancer cell lines

Cancer cell lines

Spheroid models for cancer cell lines from solid tumors and hematological malignancies.

Cells cultured in 3D embedded in our proprietary organ-specific ECM provide a far more accurate readout of the drug response compared to the conventional cell culture models.

Primary cells

Primary cells

Patient-derived models utilizing primary tumor cells grown in 3D in organ-specific ECM with disease-specific medium supplements. The resulting reconstructed tumor microenvironment provides a physiologically relevant platform to assess the efficacy and toxicity of anti-cancer agents.

These patient-derived models demonstrate high correlation with clinical response enabling elimination of ineffective compounds early in the drug development process.



Co-cultures of tumor epithelium with stroma and immune components. Organ-specific 3D models incorporate epithelial spheroids formed by cancer cell lines, primary cancer-associated fibroblasts (CAFs) or primary non-malignant stroma, with or without immune lymphoid/myeloid immune cells.

Reconstructed Metastasis (r-Met) model is a multi-compartment system enabling fractionation of tumor cells into primary, invasive, and metastatic cell populations. This is the only available model that provides access to the metastatic cells for target discovery and drug testing. 

High throughput (HTS)

High throughput (HTS)

High throughput format of the cell line spheroid models utilizes automated set-up, treatment, and readout for rapid screening of large sets of anti-cancer agents while maintaining the physiological tissue architecture provided by our proprietary organ-specific ECM. 

Available models: bone marrow, breast, colon, lung, prostate, ovary, stomach.

Available indications: AML, multiple myeloma 

Available tissues: bone marrow, breast, colon, lung, ovary, prostate, stomach, etc. 

Available format(s): 96-well
(384-well in development)

Compatible with all standard readout methods: flow cytometry, RNAseq, in situ imaging, high content imaging, CellTiter Glo, MTS, and other readouts in your workflow.

Custom models 

Our team of expert scientists is ready to create custom models for any tissue of interest.

Please contact us for details.

What can you do with our platform? 

  • screen therapeutics and drug combinations (small molecules, antibodies, biologics)
  • evaluate immuno-oncology agents (antibody-drug conjugates (ADC), bi/tri-specifics, CAR-T cells)
  • ascertain bystander effect and remodeling of tumor microenvironment
  • discover new targets in primary and metastatic tumors 
  • determine mechanism(s) of action and immune-regulation 

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